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Environmentally conscious water consumption

If you want to stay healthy and hydrated, it’s important to consume an adequate amount of water every day. Remember that a significant portion of our body consists of water, making proper hydration essential for a healthy lifestyle. Don’t hesitate, refill your bottle now, and start practicing healthy water consumption

Transform the experience of drinking

If you want to environmentally reduce the use of plastic bottles, then the Plastify water bottle is the ideal choice for you! This recyclable bottle offers a practical and eco-friendly solution for your water consumption. Use a Plastify bottle and take a step towards a sustainable lifestyle!

Plastify water bottles

This is the new 2.2-liter partially bio bottle from Plastify, created collaboratively by athletes and engineers. Hydration is crucial for everyone. If you fill this bottle with water in the morning and it’s empty by the end of the day, you don’t have to worry about dehydration

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Partially BIO-based plastic 2.2L packaging – covers the recommended daily water intake, water level indicator, unique design, handle, plastic-metal cap with a strap to prevent cap loss, recyclable, meets all food consumption requirements (BPA-free)

Plastify water bottle 2.2l RED

Plastify water bottle 2.2l BLACK

Plastify water bottle 2.2l MAGENTA

Plastify water bottle 2.2l KÉK

Plastify water bottle 2.2l GHOST


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